Colour Reduction Lino Print Process February 8, 2013 12:59

Colour reduction lino print process: how is it done? Well, first of all you draw your image on to the lino tile and then cut away the first lines, which if you're printing on white paper, will be white!


My first colour for this print was yellow, so now I have several yellow and white prints.

Using the same lino tile, I then cut away any areas I want to remain yellow, because I'm going to ink up the tile in another colour, this time green and print over the top of the yellow prints.

I've now got lots of yellow and green lino prints. But I need blue on the image - for the blue tit obviously - so I now wash the lino and cut away all the areas I want to remain green. There's not much of the lino tile left by now! I then ink up the tile with blue and print on top of the yellow and green prints. It's quite a long process, because I have to make sure the ink is dry in between colours and sometimes that can take several days!

Et voila !


All I have to do now is sign and number them!